MY goal is for your wedding day to feel easy and stress-free. My team and I handle all the photo organization beforehand and make sure things are set up to run smoothly so you don't have a long to-do list the day of. I want you to enjoy every single moment.

You need a photographer who will communicate with you to understand which photos are important to you. I start the entire process by giving you a wedding questionnaire that covers everything we need to know about you and your vision for your wedding photographs. Your answers will help me understand who you are and prepare for your special day. 

I are in this WITH you. From day one, I make sure you feel connected and in the loop. I will provide you with my phone number and always encourage my couples to call/text with any and all questions, concerns, or changes. We will chat regularly to stay on the same page about any changes or new inspiration you may have. 




My philosophy


A month or so before your wedding, I will personally meet with you and walk through your venue. During this time we get to know the area together, practice posing, and find the best light. Lighting conditions can change quickly depending on the season and time of day. Seeing the venue and finding all of the great photo spots in advance allows us to create a plan and figure out exactly where we need to go on your wedding day. With some experience interacting with the camera beforehand, you'll feel more relaxed and natural in front of the camera on your wedding—and we can capture some truly amazing images. 

AbouT christopher

I first picked up a camera in 2009 and immediately fell in love with the art of capturing moments. Being passionate about photography before I even realized I could pursue it professionally was crucial to the development of my current shooting style. It allowed me to focus on capturing moments in a free and fun environment. 
In high school/early college I took my camera most places, documenting family events and adventures with friends. I also started to assist some incredible wedding and portrait photographers in the area. Soon, my weekends and days off from class became dedicated to working with these professionals first hand. After spending countless hours learning and gaining experience from these respected photographers I started booking weddings on my own. Seeing so much emotion and excitement in one day overwhelmed me—in a good way—and I really loved the process of being a couple's photographer on the most special day of their lives.
In 2015, when I graduated from California State University Long Beach, I decided to put forth full effort into building my photography business. I wanted to bring a different style to wedding photography—I didn’t like how everything looked so cheesy and forced. I wanted to create real, emotional images in beautiful lighting, and capture all those in-between moments that make up the full story of a wedding.
When I’m not shooting photos, I am planning my next travel experience, enjoying a drink with friends and family, surfing some waves, trying to practice yoga, and working on my tennis game.