Melinda & Anand's - Wayfarer's Chapel Wedding

1. How did you two meet and more importantly, fall in love?

One of Anand's best friends in high school is Melinda's cousin, who invited Anand over for Thanksgiving about 11 years ago at Melinda's home. Anand met the entire family in one go! Over the next few years we became best friends and fell in love throughout our friendship. 

2. On your day, what was the first thought in your mind when you woke up in the morning?

Melinda: My first thought was excitement and I thought to myself "FINALLY! The days finally here." 

Anand: I immediately got very excited (and nervous) that I was marrying my best friend. I didn't have many thoughts or concerns, just excitement for what was about to happen throughout the day.

3. Describe your days in three words:

Happy, Perfect, Fun!!!

4. If forced to choose, what would you say was the highlight of your wedding day?

Melinda and Anand - We both agreed that our mutual highlight was how fun the reception was, from seeing family members that we haven't seen in so long, to having our perfect DJ, Peter Rosenberg and having an awesome party with every one to celebrate our marriage.